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Someone strange delivered store bought flowers to my home.?

Today my mom called me and said I got flowers. The flowers were store bought with price removed. Very cheap flowers with a card that said “I love you Marianne “ thanks for the great time . See you soon , love David.

I have not ever hung out with anyone named David ever , I cannot even find a David in my phone book. A old Hispanic lady delivered them and I am very scared . How did they get my address and apt number. What could this be ? What do I do ? I just don’t know why this is going on . M-f I’ve been at work and week before that too . I can’t imagine who’s doing this . It’s screwing with my mind . Please help

1 Answer

  • amy
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    its a stalker. Most stalkers are harmless however stalkers last a long time, years. Google how to deal with stalking. lots of good basic advice that you should be constantly doing.

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