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Which rapper is the better lyricist Eminem or Nas?

Let's settle this debate right now!


I think they are the two best. I'm not sure which one's better for sure though!

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    Eminem is the better lyricist based on his ability to endlessly rhyme. Nas however, gives meaning in his lyrics. I would say that Nas paints pictures and Eminem is a more creative poet.

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    5 months ago

    Not a stan,but Eminem seems to have more rhyming in his songs.

    Overall Nas is a better storyteller.

    But rhyming in my opinion would by Eminem.

    Story telling my opinion would be Nas.

    Over all I am going to pick Nas.

    • Farzi5 months agoReport

      When it comes to having the most rhyming schemes, but not necessarily the most meaning, Tech N9ne would best both Eminem and Nas.

      But Nas indeed has better storytelling than Eminem.

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    5 months ago

    Debbie Harry

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    the only rap video cool enough that even VH1 played it. in fact, it was the ONLY rap video ever played on VH1...

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