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Is my Betta fish pregnant? *photo included*?

The divider to my 10gal with my fFmale and Male Betta came loose overnight, I saw my female got attacked, so I divided it again and waited a week to see if she healed on her own to avoid stress by netting her from a 5 gal to a 1 gal hospital tank

I finally put her in the 1 gallon and been noticing a bump on her belly. One side purple one side blue, the other side is her regular color. (Not sure if pregnancy or sickness)

I am wondering if she got pregnant then he got sick of her and attacked her since I was unknown sleeping in bed, who knows how long they were swimming together.



Sorry I mean one side is blue and purple the other side normal

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    Bettas do not give live birth. The female produces eggs which are then extracted and cared for by the male in a bubble nest of his making.

    Notice the female Betta's stripe pattern. If she has prominent vertical stripes, usually white in color, she is fertile and producing eggs.

    Look for a white tube or dot on her belly. This is her ovipositor (where the eggs will be released), and if it is visible, she is preparing to release eggs.

    look at the male Betta's tank. Has he built a bubble nest? If so, he is ready to mate and the female can be placed in the tank with him. The more bubbles, the better.

    but if she just got into a fight with him, she may be hurt so be careful.

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    Wow she looks just like my Betta but mine is a shortfin male. Bettas don't do live birth, she might lay eggs soon put the male with her so he can squeeze them out, it's how Bettas lay eggs and when she lays eggs remove her from that tank immediately so the male doesn't attack her, but leave the male there he will take care of the eggs

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    Beta fish lay eggs in a bubble nest, and are usually cared for by males

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    Betta fish are not livebearers. Out of the common pet fish, only four types (mollies, guppies, swordtails and platies) give live birth.

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    Fish lay eggs and do not get pregnant.

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