Negative early detection pregnancy test at 12dpo, I am now at 15dpo and AF was meant to come today. Chances of pregnancy?

Has anyone had a similar experience and got a BFP?

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  • 10 months ago

    Early detection tests are HIGHLY prone to false negatives, even long after a missed period. They use a different method of testing that is far more likely to miss the hCG hormone entirely.

    Suzy is correct, the statistic quoted in their literature is based on lab tests, not actual use.

    Test again, and this time just go with a generic or dollar store test. Avoid anything early detection, and even avoid name brands.

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  • Suzy Q
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    So-called 'early detection' tests are a scam. I remember getting a ClearBlue one. The fine print actually said that only 50% of pregnant women get a positive as early as advertised, and I suspect even that to be an overly optimistic statistic.

    Retest. The vast majority of pregnant women can get a positive by the day their period is due. No matter if the test is marketed as 'early detection' or not. 

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