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My bike makes a rubbing noise and I think it's coming from the brake discs?

The sound only occurs when I'm mounted on the bike. I've lifted both wheels up and let them spin freely and there is no noise. The noise sounds a bit like when you rub 2 plates together. Anyone have any possible diagnoses? I'm pretty sure it's the brake discs although I don't see them or hear them rubbing when I'm not mounted.

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    Think about what the difference is between turning the bike up side spinning the wheels and the wheels spinning while riding the bike? It's simple when riding the bike it's bearing weight. It's very possible you could have hub issues.

    Do as Old Hippie suggested take the bike to a reputable bicycle shop.

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    Diagnosing a noise from a bicycle over the internet is like trying to cure the common cold.  Damn near impossible!  You never stated if they're hydraulic disc brakes or mechanical disc brakes.  Are they adjusted up too tight?  The wheel could still appear to spin freely when in fact the pads are slightly dragging.   

    I write the same thing time after time on this website.  Bike shops give FREE estimates.  Doesn't cost a dime to roll your bike into a shop & ask.    

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