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I hate living in college?

My school requires me to live there and I'm the introvert type which means I can't open myself up and make friends. I am also not very good at this 'independence' thing. In fact, I hate it. I feel lost at school. While everyone is going out with their friends I'm in my room alone


When I talk to people, I feel very fake

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    College is not a party. You have plenty of time to study with no interruptions. Work hard and you will be glad you did well.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Im so sorry you're having a bad time at college.

    Don't worry too much about being an introvert at the moment. Best thing you can do in college is keep under the radar, and study hard to give you a good start in life.

    There'll probably be plenty of other introverts in your position too in college. Try and reach out to them?

    Consider doing a few sports or societies if your college offers this, and hopefully you'll become more confident and meet new people.

    Also speak to your family or the college about how you feel about living there so they can support you and make your experience better.

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    I agree that your main goal should be your studies and that you need not worry about a social life that is lacking at the moment. However, if it continues to bother you, there are always counseling services available on campus and you could take advantage of the fact that they are free to students. Good wishes,

  • Trish
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    11 months ago

    Its not that big of a deal. Some ppl keep to themselves but it helps you get your work done faster if you talk to ppl about classwork. Talk to guys about sports and girls music. It doesnt have to be nonstop talk no need to be fake have fun.

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  • falcon
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    11 months ago

    Get some psychological help instead of hiding in your room

  • 11 months ago

    maybe you can transfer to another school then

  • Pearl
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    11 months ago

    maybe you should transfer to a school where you dont have to live there

  • Kenny
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    11 months ago

    Find people with the same interest. Usually the same class because you have the same interest in the subject. Maybe play the same video games.

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