Was I right to block my friend and move on?

Okay so, I used to date said person, but then we broke up and when I originally tried to let him go, he kept creating new accounts to contact me, multiple ones so when I blocked one he immediately logged into a back up. I gave in. We stayed friends another year.

He used to help me with my webstore, and ****, and one time he wiped the storage so I lost all my **** and I had customers on my *** complaining so I went to check and thats how I found out and this was because I d sent my (bear in mind I was single) friend a pic and he found out. The first thing he did was lock me out, of the storage (this time when we stopped talking IMMEDIATELY within an hour he locked me out, wiped the website clean.)

He wouldnt ever allow me to have the password so I couldnt be in control or a shared partner in it.

He would cyber stalk me, including my Yahoo answers by googling screen names. and he d interrogate me about things, never telling me how he found them. I m kind of convincing myself I was right as i write this.

He would somehow see when I shared things from my dropbox, he would also monitor my snapchat score.

I can t post things online because he somehow uses key words to find me. When we first started dating I had to shut down everything. Yet he kept me on a secret fb account, for over 2 years completely unconnected to his real one.

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  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    So this person stalks you and sabotaged your business and you have to ASK if you should block him. You probably should report him to the police.

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  • 10 months ago


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