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How can we get Danielle Cohn on Dr. Phill?

Danielle Cohn is a 13 year old girl who is exploited by her mother, she was manipulated into lying to the entire world about her real age and instead claims to be 15 years old. Her mother convinced her to lie about her age because Danielle “works” to advertise for many companies such as Fashion Nova and Bang Energy, and many of the jobs that wouldn’t be age appropriate for a 13 year old. She first got famous on Musically, a lip syncing app, and has reached millions of followers. She dates older boys (17-18 year olds) which is consented by and encouraged by her mother to do so, she posts pictures and videos of her in lingerie and all sorts of inappropriate content. How can we, the public, get her to go on Dr. Phill?


Oh also, there has been much proof of Danielle being 13 years old, such as videos her mom posted a long time ago of Danielle being in beauty pageants and saying her real age at the time, her real birth certificate was also leaked by both her grandmother and her father 

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    To legally work, one must present the proper forms of ID's and legal paperwork. So whomever she is working for, knows her real age. If they were then breaking laws, they would be held accountable and if underage and such as you say, would destroy their reputations. As far as the rest, child endangerment or some such thing is what it would fall under. Again, if the there was a legal case to be made, it would be being made. I do not know this person, but if you have proof that something illegal is happening, bring it on down to the police station.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I already know who she is so I didn't even have to read the description. We have to get her on there, she's the perfect candidate and there's so much drama about her age. I think she'd have to agree to go on, but I think she would because of how much she chases attention and fame. I'm going to follow this question because we need to get her on that show !

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