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What does "move on" mean in this context?

It comes from an interview with an author and Bible teacher. At some point she says, “If you need a teacher that had a spotless background, you’re truly going to need to move on. If you need a home where we did everything right, you’re gonna need to move on.”

Does it actually mean to look for that elsewhere (i.e. for a teacher with a spotless background and a home where they do everything right)?

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    it means that you can't find such a thing because it does not exist. find something else to seek. this one is a futile enterprise, a waste of time. the literal idea is "this one does not suit the requirements, so I move on to the next". The phrase serves two meanings at once: move on from this person/house/whatever who is imperfect, and look at the next (who will also be imperfect), AND move on from this search to a new one. Fail time, so move on. find another thing.

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    she tells you that she is not and has not been perfect -- move on in context means to look elsewhere for a teacher. {Hint: He died about 1935 years ago.}

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    It means you are looking for the wrong thing or the wrong sort of person and should look elsewhere.

    In context, it suggests unclear expression by the author. The meaning I explained is sound but the idea 'If you need a .....' is not ideal in that context.

    I think the meaning should, "I you think you think you need a teacher that had a spotless background, you are mistaken and should look for a different type of person".

    The author is probably trying, but failing, to make the point that we gain perspective from the things we did wrong and from the things that went wrong. Without that perspective, we are not best placed to guide others.

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    It means you need to look somewhere else for what you want or it means that you’ll never find what you’re looking for.

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    Appears to be an American trying to speak English. She is trying to say forget it you will never find those things

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    Moving on in a relationship means to live your life without thinking of that person constantly, to not be sad about the end of the relationship, or to not think about what you could have done differently or what the relationship “could have been.”

    There are many aspects of this. After a relationship, we’re all guilty of checking up on our ex on social media. When you’ve moved on, you’ll no longer look at their Instagram page and get sad or jealous when they post a pic of their new boo. Another part in realizing you’ve accepted the end of a relationship: when you’ve given up calling or texting them and trying to get back together, and accepted that things played out how they were meant to. There is also the matter of all the stuff that you gathered of theirs, or things they gave you. You’ll realized you’ve moved on when you can look at that old teddy bear and reminisce on the fond memories rather than breaking down in tears. Also, you won’t feel the urge to cut up his old sweatshirt or throw the bracelet he gave you into the ocean.

    A huge part of moving on, especially when you were the one who got hurt, is forgiving the person. Though it may be hard if they broke your heart, there is nothing to be gained by holding a grudge. Keeping these negative feelings towards them bottled up won’t hurt them, but will keep their hold over you. Revenge does nothing but make you look like the bad guy.

    An additional obvious part of moving on is finding someone else. An aspect of this which a lot of people don’t understand is that you’re not replacing the person, in that you’re not jumping from one relationship to another to fill the empty space, but you’re finding someone new or better to give you what they couldn’t. On the other hand, you could “move on” by accepting that it’s ok to be alone and love yourself for a while.

    There are many more points that I haven’t mentioned but I think the explanation is pretty clear: you’ve moved on when you can go on knowing that the relationship happened, and though it may not have worked out, you lived and you learned.

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