Stepping down from only one aspect of my role? Telling my boss I have too much work...?

I work in a secretarial position for a large company and part of my role is to collate sales data, import that data to a spreadsheet (shared drive) and produce an employee brochure which is then passed to the Sales Secretary.

I ve done this since starting in the role 7 years ago but around one year ago the Sales Secretary position was taken over by another colleague. My role as a whole is vast and this sales side of things is relatively small however the Sales Secretary treats me like her personal secretary. She will ask me for data "immediately" which can easily be pulled from the shared drive and although not holding a higher ranking position she will treat me as a subordinate.

I have a meeting with my line manager and intend to ask if I may step down from this aspect of my role. There is more than enough other work and I am happy to take a pay-cut.

How is best to present my case?

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  • 11 months ago

    I think you are taking the wrong approach on this. Step down comes across as if you are unwilling to do this task and in your role, unless something is illegal, there should be no tasks that you are unwilling to do.


    If the new employee has access to the raw data like you do, you bring it up like this work is "sales" work and ask if "now that blank has been here for a year, should we consider transitioning this work to the sales secretary".

    - if the company is not interested in doing that, you can make a case for it - "often blank needs information immediately and because I have other activities, I'm unable to get it to her ask quickly as she would like. This would allow her to control the data herself".

    If the company is still not interested in passing the work to her, ask how you are supposed to handle it. Drop everything so other tasks suffer? Or she has to wait and if she has to wait can her supervisor make sure she understands that she often won't get her info immediately.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    You are a secretary. It's your job to give clerical support to others.

    You said yourself that the data she requests is easily pulled - so just pull it. The fact that you don't like this lady and don't want to help her by doing something fast and easy is YOUR problem, not your employer's problem.

    And by the way, coworkers assist each other ALL THE TIME even if they are on parallel levels of the organization. It's called teamwork.

    I see no reason why the company should rearrange/divide your job duties because someone annoys you. It's just not a logical solution to the problem. I suggest you rethink your attitude and proposed solution before approaching your boss.

  • 11 months ago

    First...look for other jobs that are very similar to yours. See what the duties are and what they pay.

    You should NOT have to take a pay cut because you cannot do the work of two people.

    As a matter of fact, from an HR not take a pay cut.

    You have been there too long for that.

    The company is relying on you.

    Look for and interview for other jobs in your field (who know but that you may get a very very good offer), and then TELL your company that you are doing the work of two people and only getting paid for the work of one, so you would like to no longer be responsible for this small bit of data.

    Offer to show someone how easy it is to collect.

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