Is trying to become a Software Developer/Engineer one of the most competitive jobs, or would you just consider me as below average?

I graduated from a State University with a B.S. in Computer Science. My GPA was a 3.0. I graduated about a year ago. I've had a job in IT for about 6 months where I don't use much programming at all. I've probably applied to 500 entry level Software Developer/Engineer positions. I've never got  to a final interview for an entry level Software Developer/Engineer position. Well once I did, but they told me "no". All of them have basically told me "no" pretty quickly. I guess I'm pretty content with my job now though. So I don't really care.

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  • 11 months ago
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    When I just graduated and had no experience, I had a job as a "technical support" for a Laptop company. My career goal was to be a Network Engineer. Eventually, I landed a job as a "LAN Administrator" after working as a technical support staff for about a year. Experience matter..... people usually start with a entry level job.

    Source(s): BSc in Computer Science and MCSE
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