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Scenting my business?

I have a jewelry store and I want to make it smell really good for the customers. Also to use it for marketing.

I tried candles and essential oil diffusers. I have a wax warmer that I was thinking of trying the wax melts, but I feel like those won’t work either.

I know hotels/restaurants/retails stores use the scenting in the air vents.

What’s the best way to scent my store? The full store is 1800 square feet, but I’m really only wanting the scent the show room which isn’t that large. Maybe 900 square feet? Honestly not so sure.

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    You know all of the ways to do this without spending a TON of money in the long run...

    Why not throw the diffusers near the air vents to increase the airflow??

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