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I need a calculation of my vertical jump?

im 5 11.5. Today i jumped up and i was able to get my whole hand inside the rim from above it. About what is my vertical?

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    Without knowing how long your arm is, it's not possible to tell.

    So you're 5'11.5". Let's round it up to 6 feet for math purposes. That's 72 inches.

    A basketball hoop is 10 feet or 120 inches.

    So 120 minus 72 equals is 48 inches. So right now that's how high you'd have to jump if the top of your head hit the rim.

    I'm guessing your head isn't hitting the rim. So your vertical is less than 48 inches.

    To figure that out, you need to raise your arm above your head and measure from the top of your head to your wrist (since you put your whole hand inside the rim).

    Whatever this number is, subtract this from the 48 inches. (For example, if that distance is 18 inches, 48 minus 18 is 30 you'd have around a 30 inch vertical.)

    It won't be exact math but it'll give you a good idea on your vertical.

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