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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesDancing · 9 months ago

Are there other groups like Dallas Cowboys but in England?

I'm interested in starting cheerleading, but I prefer the dancing side of it to the lifting and aerobic stunts. I also love what DCC get to wear, and I know something like that would definitely boost my confidence.

Basically, I'm just looking for similar groups in the UK that a beginner could join (or at least for what sort of keywords I could use to search for the right group for me). Thank you in advance!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    The DCC are professionals. Most of the dancers have a background in both dance and cheer. But most definitely dance. Look for Cheerdance classes in the UK. In the USA cheer dance is usually found in our high schools, colleges and universities as well as for professional sport teams

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