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What are ur harry potter unpopular opinions???

Ill start! I think Hagrid is a overrated character. Hes just a dropout that Dumbledore keeps around cuz he feels bad about him. It was ******* stupid that he got thrown out but he probably shouldn't have been in the school anyways, since he's a giant. And how does he even work? How much food does he eat???? How big are his shits????? I think he has an outhouse, but does he have to clean it????? What does it smell like???? How much toilet paper does he use??? idek bro

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  • Logan
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    10 months ago
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    According to JK Rowling wizards used to sh*t their pants and then vanish their business. That's probably what Hagrid does cause he can use magic.

    My one is that Dumbledore is an actual manipulative c*nt. Like, he legit raised Harry to die, taught him just enough to survive up until the final battle. Avoided Harry for a year when Voldemort was f*cking around in Harry's head and was all "I only thought you'd be a bigger target with my presence" when Harry was his biggest target from the get go. Bullsh*t excuse if I ever heard one, what he didn't want was for Harry to know anything substantial about the Order of the Phoenix.

    To be honest, he really didn't even prepare Harry for any fight he was in either.

    That's not to mention what he did to Snape either, using Liliy's death to make him a double agent.

    Never appealed for Sirius Black to have a trial, just let him get thrown in Azkaban for 13 years (could also just be yet another plot hole for Rowling but it doesn't look good for Dumbledore at all).

    Was all, you're the chosen one Harry, but was all, he's just a child he doesn't need to know sh*t about anything that has everything to do with him.

    Dumbledore is just all around a pos.

    Also, Harry is a boring MC and Rowling doesn't know how to write characters that have been abused all their life at all.

    She's also the dementor of magical world building. The HP world is the most beaten down, boring *** magical world to ever exist in fiction and rereading the series it is blindingly obvious that it is boring and poorly written. The series is almost unbearable after the fourth book.

    As many complaints as I have about it though I still grudgingly like it...

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  • 10 months ago

    Hagrid had a key role to play in the novels. That's why he was IN them in the first place.

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  • 10 months ago

    The wizarding world is terrible. Serious inbreeding is unavoidable. That's why all the Weasleys are gingers.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Didn't like any of the characters. Felt too much like The Worst Witch just for older children. Not very original. Even thought the writing itself was overrated and could never understand why anyone makes such a fuss over J.K Rowling. I honestly think King, Patricia Cornwell, Elisabeth Badinter and so on...all better writers. But that's personal opinion.

    Millions like HP and that's enough to make you rich apparently.

    • bluebellbkk
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      Well OF COURSE if 'millions' like your work you'll be rich. It's hardly a surprise.

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