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What does he think?

So there’s this guy. He’s 32 I’m 23. We’re different but like we have the same personality if that makes sense. Like how we approach stuff. We live in different towns. Anyways I never even considered that he liked me until a little while ago. I mentioned to one of his friends that I might be moving close by him and they said why don’t you just bang him already and I remember thinking well that’s quite a jump but I brushed it off. Then he came to my town and mentioned buying me dinner and stuff. And after that I thought wait does he have a crush on me. Then as I started to think more and more about it. I realize I care deeply for him. Then I was talking to him the other day about just normal stuff and he said oh yeah I forgot you’re young. That’d be weird and I said what would but the conversation got cut short. So we’ve been talking more about stuff we like and what our goals are for the future. And he just wants a simple life of being off the grid and I can relate. I told him about how quiet my grandma is and how I’m the same and he said I love people like that. There’s nothing wrong with it. But then today we were talking about cooking and he said I should learn to cook so I can make some guy really happy some day and it just made me think like oh maybe he does just see me as a friend. Just like a younger friend to give advice to. Idk. He’s so hard to judge.

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  • LP7
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    No.He is looking for someone to take care of him 24/7.Living off grid is not as simple as it seems.It is actually quite physically demanding and he needs a good assistant labourer.Get the picture.He knows you are young and idealistic.Women his age would not fall for it.You would also be fairly isolated from cities or large towns.So all your needs would have to be met on the property.Solar,water,food growing, animal husbandry etc.Hands on labor intensive and heavily dependant on the elements.

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