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There is an angry fence sign place in a street I pass?

It says "any bicycles chained to this fence will be removed and disposed of immediately" - all in angry font.

Someone got a bunch of bike chains and every week would find broken bikes and take them to this fence and chain them up. After a few days they would disappear. A few weeks later another angry sign appeared saying "cyclists should psss off" Why are some people so anti bicycles? Should I send him a letter saying he is offensive

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    Probably that fence is someone’s private property.

    And that someone doesn’t want bikes chained to it.

    Fair enough.

    If it is his/hers property, he/she has a right to decide how it should be used.

    Not entirely sure what an ”angry font” is.

    This person may well have tried a milder approach earlier, only to find that it didn’t work.

    And, slightly naive, or oblivious to human nature, decided to try again with a bit more aggression.

    Which seemingly didn’t work either.

    So now you have at least two adults being stupid in public.

    Stupid #1 for taking the time to deliberately annoy someone with a rightful interest in the matter - the person chaining up the abandoned bikes.

    Stupid #2 - the fence owner - for letting the actions of one or a few persons decide his/hers opinion about all cyclists. And acting in a manner most likely to annoy a larger group of people who until then didn’t have a stake in the matter.

    Sad, really.

    It’s not like the world has any shortage of people acting stupid,

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    According to the law a cyclist can't secure their bike to private property without the owner's permission or in such a manner that it causes an obstruction.

    This is why good cyclist despise bad cyclist. Because it causes many to think all cyclist are bad. Hopefully the criminal(s) who are doing this to this person's private property will be caught and heavily fined.

    To answer your question; no, you shouldn't send this person a letter saying he's offensive. If by chance you see someone vandalizing this person's private property get a clear picture of this vandal's face(s) [a video would be even better] and turn it into the police. Then the criminal(s) can be prosecuted.

    Afterwards you can write this person a letter letting him know a good cyclist helped him.

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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    I say show some respect to the owner of the property. Find another place to park the bikes.

  • 11 months ago

    1. It's their fence. It's private property. They can do with it whatever they want, within the law. 2. Chaining broken bikes to the fence is basically littering. I find that offensive.

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  • 11 months ago

    Peaceful protest.

    Not enough context

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