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If Southern Baptists are Not Racist, Why Don't They Reunite with the Northern Baptists?

In 1845, Baptists disagreed over whether it was acceptable for Christians to own slaves. The denomination broke in two, with Southern Baptists believing that the Bible approved of slavery, while the Northern Baptists disagreeing. Is there something else, besides racism, that keeps the two groups from reuniting?

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  • Marco
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    9 months ago
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    I don't really care about baptists or Christians in general. However, just because racism was the initial cause of the schism, doesn't mean it is still the cause. Church governing systems have limitations, they break apart and form new governments/denominations. Baptist churches are fairly individual entities. They aren't united into a national or international organization like the United Methodist Church, Christian Science church, or the Catholic Church. Without a larger oversight organization, there is very little chance that Baptist churches will unite.

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