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Does he like me?

I just recently started catching feelings for this guy who I just recently met a few days ago at my college (both freshmen). Him and I have practically every single class together and within the past few days, I've actually gotten pretty comfortable around him which is hard for me considering I suffer from anxiety. He's really sweet, funny and outgoing (the complete opposite of me since I'm very shy). The first day of me talking to him on my own, he offered me a ride home, but when I told him that my mom was on her way, he offered to sit in his car with me (it was raining). A few days later when we had lab, he came over and worked with my partner and I and kept standing in between my partner and I and reaaaaally close to me (my partner is a guy). After that class, we had a long break in between our two classes so him and I went back to his car and hung out. He even offered me half of his sandwich and said "I'm not keeping you from doing anything important, right?". After a while of us hanging out, his best friend came over too and we all had a really good time. They were including me in the conversations and filling me in on all the stories/tea and it honestly made me really happy especially since I have a hard time with people (after a while his best friend left).


We ended up talking a lot about sports and cars and on the way back to class, he said "if you're ever trying to figure out a guy, just talk to him about sports or cars. That's the way to his heart" which didn't have much to do with the conversation since I brought up how I miss hanging out with my guy friends. When we got to class, he went to the bathroom while I waited outside the class and when he came back, he sat down and then gave me this little nod like "come sit by me" so I did

Update 2:

He's also constantly nodding or smiling and me. He also made sure I was comfortable with his music selection and all that

Update 3:

Usually guys don't like me in a romantic way or anything because I'm always too boyish and make my way right into the friendzone, but ://

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    Sorry sweetie. You are in the friendzone. The Gay Guy Friendzone.

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