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I had a weird flash back the other day in class to a short film, but I can t remember what it is.?

The short film was included on a dvd from the 2000 s, what stands out in my memory was the very aggressive/intense organ music being played by a figure that I think was an odd shape like a star, possibly in a church setting. The organ player says in a very deep, almost sinister voice "going down" and then the floor starts to sink. I m pretty sure this is an actual thing and not just my imagination. What caused this memory was the professor turning off all the lights but the top black board lights, eerything was a yellowish monochromatic. The contrast was very intense with the bright highlights on the black board and dark shadows behind them. I doubt anyone knows what this is because of my awful explanation I ve wasted a few hours that should have been spent studying trying to find this

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    "stagefright" it was in Wallace and Gromit Curse of the WereRabbit

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