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How to be myself at school?

At home i feel like i am a really fun and energetic person and VERY outgoing. But at school i’ve mostly always been clammed up, shy, and kept to myself. Therefore i wasn’t popular at all. I had a decent amount of friends but it still felt like i wasn’t being myself. I always feel like i’m trying to be someone that will impress each person i’m talking to. This year is freshman year and my goal is to become more outgoing and not care what people think. Some days go well but others i overthink everything and begin letting all the bad thoughts in like “what if they think i’m weird?” “what if they think i’m ugly?” and etc. How to get over this?

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    It sounds like you are having a tough time so, I m glad you are reaching out for support. Most times when we hear about poor self-esteem, we also hear about all the people who “gave” us our poor self-esteem. We need to break that thought process and start taking control immediately. The danger is that everyone starts comparing themselves to the people around them. But in the end what is important is that you learn to take control of how you see yourself and surround yourself with people who appreciate you!

    People with negative self-esteem tend to be thinking about two things: the past • the future Thinking like this does one thing, it never lets you live your life. If your mind is stuck in either place, you never get to really experience what is good in your life right now. Here are some points to build your self-esteem:

    - You are responsible for how you see yourself.

    - Recognize that comparing yourself to others makes you feel less human. -Fill your life with things that work and things you are good at. -Surround yourself with people who appreciate what you are right now. - Focus on what you can control and recognize what you cannot control. - Refuse to see yourself just as an image. Most importantly, understand that having a great self-esteem says nothing about how good of a person you are. There are plenty of dangerous and hateful people who think the world of themselves. So every time you start to question yourself, remember that every day is another opportunity to be a good person and good people are a gift to the world. Since our self-esteem is basically how WE see ourselves, it is our responsibility to help it develop in a healthy way. Take Care KO, Counselor

    Source(s): Boys Town National Hotline, 24/7, at 1-800-448-3000
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    One of the hardest things to have is a good image of yourself. You have to like who you are. That's hard for everyone. Let me repeat: everyone. Don't feel like you're alone in feeling the way you do. You'd be surprised how many people feel exactly like you all the time. This isn't specific to high school age either; I still get nervous when I'm the new guy.

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    It's hard to focus on yourself when you are trying to figure out how you fit in. It takes practice. Keep trying and eventually you will succeed. Keep in mind that "fake it till you make it" is a real thing. Good luck!

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