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Should I be concerned that the guy I m dating has a history of dating the paris hilton socialite types?

We ve been dating for 2 months and he talked about his ex a lot.

They got out of a 4.5 year relationship 6 months before I met him.

For context he s white and shes asian . She has a very lavish lifestyle. He told me all about her and how she celebrates her birthday all month and had similar set up to an advent calendar. One gift per day for the entire month. He bought her louis vuitton purses, paid for them to stay at the ritz carlton, took her for steak and lobster in manhattan, bought her a tiffanys necklace, diamond earrings etc. She had an entire room as a closet. Very high maintenance, self absorbed etc. She has a small dog with a diamond collar that wears a tux and she carries in her purse.

I know this is judgmental but just hearing about her was sickening. He talked about her so much that I looked at her instagram. She considers herself an "influencer" and has photos of her in miami, paris, new york, hong kong etc, photos of her on yachts, drinking champagne, photos of her closet etc.

If the guy I m dating was attracted to this type of female should I just break up with him, people like her nauseate me. He told me he spent over $6k on her for her birthday month last year. He makes like 50k a year so I don t know how he made that work.

Her parents pay her rent and bills. She s 29 and seems like the Asian Paris Hilton to me.

Yet this guy asks me for half when we order take out pizza, down to the tax. She looks like the typical high maintenance asian

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    I would be out of the relationship the second time I heard about the girlfriend.

    It's not envy. I would question HIS values.

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