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Let’s say you had a best friend for 12 years. All of a sudden he steels from you and lies, and there’s a good chance he gets dope....?

He is alive and all but his old school friends distances themselves from him. His family kinda gave up on helping him do something with his life. He is mixed up with a girl who does dope and there’s a high probability he does dope too.

I’m 38 and my former best friend slash brother is about to turn 30. Is it safe to say that heroin killed him and that the devil has taken over his soul?

I was never good at making friends really. So when I had them they were a few at a time. This was someone I considered a brother.


Mother says he uses people. He’s now been homeless sleeping in an abandoned house for almost 2 years and smells like shyt.

I hate him for his true colors and maybe he never liked me and at the same time I feel sorry for him. He was once a person of promise. Also was not only a best friend but a roommate at one time.

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  • Hannah
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    5 months ago

    Yeah drugs tend to do that to people. They need help, but you can't help the people who don't want to be helped.

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