How do I make money in the furry fandom?

I’ve wanted a fursuit for a while now but I don’t have a job (I’m a minor). How can I make money in the fandom without doing art (mines really bad) and making fursuits? I can try to make tails/teeth/adoptables/etc but I want to know what I should do.

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  • Sky
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    11 months ago

    I coulda' sworn I already answered a question like this, but I'll try again. Yes, you can make money in the furry fandom by making teeth and claws for fursuits, and tails for fursuits or general wearing, if you're good at it. Figure out how to make them with very good quality and realism and people will buy them. Adoptables tend to require artwork since you have to draw a character that people would want to adopt, so if your artwork is bad you're going to have to practice at it to improve your work. If you're a musician you can sell singles and CDs (a lot of furries use the Bandcamp website), and if you're skilled at writing good stories you could potentially publish a book through one of the furry publishers such as Sofawolf Press. If you're skilled at electronics you could make blinky lights and other gadgets for fursuits. There are a lot of possibilities.

    Other than that, you can always try to make money outside the furry fandom. Saving up money for a fursuit doesn't require that money to come from the furry fandom.

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  • 11 months ago

    Sell flea powder?

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