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Why do many African Americans act like Hip-Hop/Rap is the only music genre and/or they specifically own that genre of music?

Every time I watch YouTube videos with a content creator who happens to be African American their always whining how every other genre of music besides Hip-Hop/Rap is garbage well blasting T-Pain, etc. and act like 'Black culture' IS Hip-Hop/Rap with Bob Marley posters plastered all over their set-up..

Majority of Hip-Hop/Rap personifies the problem with 'Black culture' for me, N-word used as a crutch, degrading women, obsession with penis size, teaching hatred and racism for generation.

Nothing says 'want to be like everyone else' like trying to segregate yourself as much as possible.


From where I'm standing you seem like the beta with a micro-penis.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    because we alpha males, we tell you bich made white n1gg4z and n1ggettes how its going down in the hood

    we say its ours then its ours you lil half pump white boy, we ALPHA

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