Jess asked in HealthDental · 10 months ago

3 elastic ties have come off do I need to call the ortho?

I have had my braces for three years and haven’t really had this problem until now. About two weeks ago I had an elastic tie(the like colored band around the tooth) fall off and figured it was fine. Then sometime last week another one came off and today I noticed another one came off. Two of the places where it can off is where my rubber bands go so I just figured that is why they came off. I go to the ortho in two days but I feel like it is really weird that they keep falling off.

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  • 10 months ago

    Anyways this little thing just popped out (see attached), it holds the wire onto the bracket i think. So im now wondering should i be bother going in again on monday tohave it put back in??

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  • Sandy
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    10 months ago

    Since your appointment is only 2 days away, my opinion is that you can wait until then.

    Source(s): Orthodontic assistant with over 34 years of experience.
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