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Tommy G. asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 9 months ago

Why is at household 1, you get to shower daily and in household 2, the meaning is the opposite?

Alan lives with his roommate who makes a couple of health recommendations, including taking a daily shower and staying clean. He does this and his roommate, Tanner, thanks him for following one of his recommendations.

Something came up a couple of days later, and Alan has been invited to a friend's wedding. It would require a plane trip and a stay at his friends house. His name was Fred and his fiancee was Gale-Autumn. Alan ponders while conversing with Fred's roommate, Dave if he could do what he usually does for personal hygiene so for the next two weeks, he showers every once a day. Fred, unaware of his personal hygiene, looked at him and stood in front of the bathroom, laughing sheepishly and saying "I know what you're going to do?" and Alan said he was going to take a shower. Fred changed his sentences and senselessly told him "Don't, man. You don't have to". Alan was annoyed. His annoyance pleased Fred and he was forced to live like a hippie all because Fred's too liberal.

Alan comes home from the wedding in Little Rock, Arkansas, all smelling of beer. He was deeply scorned and told his roommate "My friend doesn't care about my personal hygiene". Tanner said "What the what?". Alan then said "I was a damn fool to think my friend would want me to shower all the time. The nerve".

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