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Does chiari malformation cause hallucinations?

I have chiari malformation and it seams that all the symptoms come and go like most have but still come back after a few days. But I've been seeing shadows at the corner of my eyes and keep seeing these shapes (shadow like) flying past my face. I also keep hearing what sounds like people breathing but it seams to be coming from my kitchen. I also keep hearing loud bangs in the kitchen every once in a while that no one else can hear. I looked up if this is a symptom of what I have. It said that chiari malformation can cause psychotic episodes but not exactly saying anything about hallucinations. Does anyone know if it's a symptom??

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  • 10 months ago

    Although it has not been researched extensively, most experts believe that Chiari can cause neuropsychological problems, such as depression and trouble with memory and thinking. In addition, one study found that Chiari patients showed abnormal EEG brain activity, even with mild symptoms.

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