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Anyone out there recover from an eating disorder? If yes, HOW? My life is in ruins. My soul is lost and my family is broken .?

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    You don't say what kind of eating disorder you have. I'm operating on the assumption that it's anorexia, because this is the most serious one.

    If you're a teenager, there's something that's very important for you to know about. As the first video shows, teenagers with anorexia do much, much better with family-based treatment than with individual therapy with office visits.

    I'll mention that there's another treatment that's often successful - DBT (video 2).

    As this article explains, studies show that relaxation methods help with anorexia, although of course you have to be extremely careful about exercise, as this is usually part of the problem.

    About relaxation, the research on controlled breathing is amazing. A study with war veterans convinced the VA to recommend this for vets with PTSD. I have details about therapeutic breathing in my answers.

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  • 4 months ago

    Things will get better

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