What's a good hourly pay for a recent college grad?

So I got a job offer that I would be making $14 an hour. That would put my gross at 1021$. Then I had a second job offer at 13$ an hour with commission. The job I accepted is something that I thought about doing for a long time and I took it so It would be a good foot in the door. I am going to have to start paying loans in December. Is $14 an hour good for a recent graduate? My friends seem like they get paid more but it's hard for me to get paid that much. I just want opinions on


Also one is for an admin assistant ($14 per hour) and the other one is a leasing consultant (13$ per hour with commission)

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  • Judy
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    1 year ago

    You don't say what your major of gpa were, or where you live, and those things matter a lot. If you majored in something that was interesting to you but has few jobs available, $13 or $14 and hour might be the best you can expect. In some fieldss, twice that would be low.

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    Learn the difference between gross and net.

    Gross is $14...

    Net equals gross minus deductions. I don't know how you can guess at your net....

    We don't know what your degree is in... If you are a sociology major, it's a fine wage. If you are an econ major, your parents are in their bedroom right now trying to figure out the sharpest knife in the house to cut their throats.

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