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Was I really wrong for this?

All I asked was “Why did the West end up being more Enlightened and Prosperous?” And my post got removed on reddit due to being “racist” and “denying genocide.” Which I never even mentioned.

How was this racist? It wasn’t my intention to be racist. I was just asking out of curiosity. Now suddenly they’re acting like I’m some evil racist.

I don’t understand. Was I really wrong just to ask that question? Were they fair to remove my post?

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    The framing of it seemed to suggest that other cultures aren't enlightened. Of course I can't judge your intent, and if that wasn't your intent then what happened to your question was unfortunate. To answer your question from a historical perspective there were many things that took place.

    Between the 16th and 19th century in Western society there was what historians called the "Great Divergence" when the West started to outpace other societies. There are a lot of factors that contributed to this.


    Colonialization had a massive role to play in the development of many Western cultures and you see this in things like the Dutch and British East India Companies that contributed to the economic growth of these colonial powers


    The slave trade and the Columbian exchange was also a massive contributor to the development of Western societies and Western colonies. This of course came at the expense of millions of Africans who died in the trade and millions of indigenous peoples of the New World who were decimated by disease

    (iii)Age of Discovery

    This age allowed the West to access new trade routes and new markets for economic exploitation and dominance

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    Well who ever reported you certainly hit a nerve with you own insecurities. If you really believe that they were correct continue to question yourself. If you don't believe you were wrong, it doesn't matter what some stranger thinks and you know your intent. Anytime someone either disagrees with someone it is suddenly racists these days. It makes me laugh, that people are that insecure.

  • night
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    I think the problem is your assumption that "the West end up being more Enlightened and Prosperous," did you really mean to offend and insult half the world?

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