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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 8 months ago

If I saw a therapist and a phycatrist for depression, add, and anxiety, would this prevent me from becoming a teacher?

My uncle said that they want medical records when they hired teachers, so the school would find out. It was also the reason my parents never got me help before I was eighteen.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    Your uncle is absolutely wrong and you should stop listening to him. School districts don't ask for your medical information and it would be illegal for any of your providers to give out that info. Read the HIPPA laws on patient privacy.

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  • 8 months ago

    I made an assumption that you are female and still have problems with those concerns and could have others. There is no TL;DR. I do everything here but tell you what to do next, you did not ask.

    No, they will not prevent you.. I work with women who have BPD, C-PTSD;PTSD & (BP - Bipolar) with severe co-occurring symptoms: ADD, Social Phobia, Psychosis, MDD ('major' depression) and 'severe' anxiety. I've helped women from prisons or shelters get specific jobs.

    It's not really fair or ok, women are treated differently and impacted more severely than men. I assume yours is not too bad. However, you imply issues with family for a bit and a crazy uncle lying to manipulate, scare or control you? I do not know what the issues are. No, it absolutely will not impact you "legally"

    What you do not want to do is tell people, I am assuming you are a woman, sorry if I am wrong. Most of this still applies. You just do not want to tell people. Even in education it is generally more difficult for women. You do not want to be "that teacher", "the crazy lady" or "woman with issues" - not by your peers, students or bosses & admins. It says all we need to know (mostly) about a woman who wants to teach it is a necessary, rewarding and wicked career - tough too.


    There are hundreds of articles. Look, I am nothing close to a feminist. Too much information: I am a DOM male who likes submissive women. That said, I am a realist though. I assume anyone smart enough to be a teacher is not stupid. It is one of the toughest jobs out there. WOULD IT PREVENT YOU? Legally and technically NO. However, as you know female cliques/groups jealous, competitive and petty don't go away after college - lol. Self centered bullies interested only in their own gain who put others down to pick themselves up exist in both genders and do not go away.

    Its pretty awful if you become known as "that teacher". It destroys networking opportunities and relationships. Is it worth your career? No idea - up to you. Most women say no. Dropping therapy altogether nd starting direct self-help. As you know modern mental health assistance is profit fixated not patient centric. Its focused on getting the patient in and medicated then pushing them out. "Praise god, pass the pills, send patients their bills". It is a tough grind. Many want to get you in, get you out and go the heck home. Its just tough unless you have $500 a week, right?

    It is just the general social sterotype too: "crazy cat lade", "over emotional", "Attention wh*re" or "too sensitive". Like any man (or woman) wants to wake up feeling anxious, depressed or add. This spreads quicker in schools partially because students are too blunt.

    So, that is why it will hurt you or will eventually push you out. There are a million things you should and need to do. Depends on whats going on - You did not ask though. Hopefully something made sense.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    HIPPA. it will not disqualify. I you really want to teach. Do NOT listen to your parents. Are they in that field, probably NOT. Find out for yourself. You can always call your school teachers board or scghool and ind out for yourself, instead of hearsay.

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