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Best puppy food for possibly mixed pit puppy?

My son was walking to a friends house and found her near a railroad track

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  • I have a mixed pit that we adopted 4 years ago. She seems to be a labrabull/pitador (lab and pit mix). We feed her FreshPet direct. I hope this poor baby is o.k. and it is heartwarming that you took him/her in.

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    LOL at mixed pit.

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    11 months ago

    Ol' Roy dog food.

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    Gave your son this puppy (which looks to be a different colour from the other one you have asked about?), or found it. The only thing that's the same is the gender (she?) and the very young puppy.

    She needs to be on b itch replacer milk, or goats milk which is similar in make-up to b itch milk. She doesn't look old enough to be on solids yet.

    And you can't just find and keep a puppy or adult, unless you make every effort to locate the legal owner. Otherwise that's theft. She should be taken straight to a local Shelter who will know how to rear her and where anybody missing her (more likely she was dumped actually) would be checking.

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    11 months ago

    Look for the owners. Post ads on Facebook with out pictures and the area you found a missing puppy. If someone says they lost one, ask for a picture of their pup or what color/kind of puppy is it, so no one can just claim it's theirs. (When it's not) contact the local shelter/SPCA people and tell them you found a very young puppy and are looking for the owners just in case they have called there.

    Maybe the puppy was abandoned. I'd take the pup to the vet if you don't find the owners soon.

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    Be advised this puppy does not LOOK old enough to be legally taken or removed (age 8 weeks) from its litter. Best to have your vet of choice, tell you what age it is. It may (or may NOT) be ready for solid (hard) puppy kibble. Your vet can advise you, on any number of good quality puppy foods.

    It looks malnourished & lacking in normal rear leg muscular development in this picture. Puppies from poor quality and/or irresponsible and unethical situations are often FULL OF WORMS. For the sake of your son's health; get the dog to a vet, have it checked & get it started on vaccinations, flea and heart worm prevention.

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    11 months ago

    She needs a Vet check, and you need to look for the mother dog/the puppy's owner.

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    approaching maximum cuteness. good luck all

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