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How do I find a good dentist that can put me to sleep?

I'm 21 and I neglected my oral health. The dentist I went to when I was younger retired but I still went to the same building just a different dentist. They took on another dentist. While she was nice, I don't think she quite knew what she was doing. My original dentist would occasionally come out of retirement to work on me. He was very good and made me feel at ease. Joking the whole time and talking about things I liked. I never once had a shot of novocaine and I've had quite a few fillings. I had a face of a tooth fall off. It was repaired quite a few times with a filling but probably should've been crowned instead. I haven't been to a dentist since I was 18. The new dentist ignored a couple things I had noticed. I always used nitrous oxide. I was put under general at 14 in a hospital. The last time they insisted on the shot. I said no and walked out. I lost all trust that day. I get it's for comfort but I can't tolerate a needle anywhere but the arm. I'd probably fight. I had another tooth's face fall off. I need to see a dentist. I want to find someone who's very good and personable. Preferably one who'll put me to sleep and do everything (or a lot in one shot without me freaking out and stopping them). How do I go about doing this?


I know it can affect my overall health. My genetics aren't the greatest. But I failed to take care of myself. I plan to change that. Could they take my wisdom teeth while they're at it? That way it's already done. If I have to have anything like extraction or root canal, there's NO WAY I could be awake for that.

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    Dental phobia is real. Someone who experiences dental phobia can have a negative response to even entering a dental office. If you happen to be someone who hasn’t been to the dentist in a while because you’re too afraid to go, there’s good news. You can find out from your dentist what options are available to help you manage the stress of having dental examinations and procedures done. One such option is sleep dentistry, also known as conscious sedation.

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    you could try getting another dentist

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