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My reddit account is being weird so I’m here. In Destiny 2 I am a 720 Warlock. Just curious if my build is good in yalls opinions.?

I have 4 mobility 8 resilience and 6 recovery

Chaos Reach

My exotic armor piece is Genomag stabilizers (boots) which extends my chaos reach.

Weapons are pulse rifle bygones (slideshot, rampage, backup mag)

Shotgun Last Man standing (auto loading holster, one two punch, major spec)

And The Colony in my power slot.

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  • Cantra
    Lv 7
    9 months ago
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    It's ok, but the armour perks would have been more interesting. I used to use Bygones but now I use Blast Furnace, the effective range is great for picking off snipers like the ones in Reckoning or Scourge of the Past. Nice shotgun.

    Also console or PC (accuracy and traction perks are good on console, providing aim assist and quicker turn speed, but are virtually worthless for mouse control), and PvP or PvE focus (resilience is generally worthless in PvP, weapons that one shot you will still one shot you, resilience 1 is all that is needed to make sure you can't get one shotted by hand cannon precision hits).

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