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Are there any long term, life long, low carb or keto diet people?

I've read that keto is fine in the short term, but our bodies are not meant to be in that for the long term, so I was wondering if there were people who prove that it is a good life long diet.

PS, I don't mean 1 year, or 5 years, or even 10, I mean people before us who have been on it from their young or adult life into their senior years.

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    I have been following the Atkins Phase 4 eating plan for about 15 years and feel better than ever. Phase 4 is called Lifetime Maintenance and allows a lot more foods and carbs than the weight loss Phases 1-3. I also have a small treat for special occasions. I started it around age 40 and am 55 now.

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    People ate the Keto way for thousands of years - it's a natural way of eating for humans. People hunted for their foods and ate berries and other fruits when they could find them (so it wasn't all year long like we do). They ate roots and other things, as well.

    The ketogenic diet REVERSES diabetes 1, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, relieves MS symptoms, lowers inflammation in the body so that people with arthritis feel gobs better, it relieves brain fog, gives a person more energy and more.

    Do your research.

    And also, the ketogenic diet is not about eating bacon all day, or even every day. It's about putting our bodies into the natural state of ketosis and burning fat for fuel, not empty junky carbs.

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