Do you like WoW Classic? If so what is the best class to level with?

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    I tried Classic (only experience with WoW was about a month about 12-14 years ago).

    I started with a warrior and couldn't get past level 18 after 2 weeks without having to start grouping (and I don't like random groups that will drop as soon as a task is done when they get what they want).

    So I started a Hunter on the normal servers and have had fun. I've been playing almost a week and already 25, able to solo, and even take down some Elite NPCs by myself.

    I just finished a quest that did require a group, but there was several others around and we are all able to attack it like a raid target without needing a group and all got credit for it (doesn't work that way in classic)

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