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Agree or Disagree: Cesaro is such a great wrestler, and is underrated?

that man is so diverse. Cesaro can wrestle a hard-hitting match; he can wrestle a technical match. With his size and especially strength, he can be a great base for highflyers like Rey Mysterio, and do some innovative stuff.

I have seen him out muscle much bigger wrestlers, and out-agile smaller wrestlers. Freakish athleticism, who never has a boring match.

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    [Antonio] Cesaro is probably one of the most underrated professional wrestlers in all of wrestling, not just WWE.  For some reason which I can only guess is Kevin Dunn 'just doesn't like' Cesaro, WWE has never given 'The Swiss Superman' a push outside of the tag-team division.  In his entire 7 year WWE career, the most Cesaro has been given is the WWE United States Championship.  Even after winning the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal WWE did nothing but stick him with Paul Heyman for no reason.  He deserves to be WWE champion or WWE Universe champion, not Kofi Kingston or Seth Rollins.  WWE should've kept the original Swiss Made theme.. 

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    Agree. But like Damien Sandow, I've heard him and Cesaro are difficult to work with backstage. Just rumors though. Could be true.

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    Underrated but they never gave him a main event title push....at least he could have a few cracks at the top belts like Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler but he’s never been able to get that fae

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    He’s good, he still gets tv time but they never really pushed him to the top, I think they had chances to do more with him but fans don’t seem to care much now.

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    Agree he is most underrated

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    All "Professional Wrestling" is fake.

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