is it possible for me to get into stanford with a 3.4 gpa?

i know stanford uses a holistic process when looking at their applicants, however, stanford is my dream school. i just started junior year and am preparing for the sat etc. my current gpa is 3.4 but i know it can still be improved a little if i get straight A’s for the rest of high school. i’m also going to be on my school’s swim team for my second year and am not on varsity but my coach had me race w varsity swimmers bc he thought i was good. i’ve been swimming all my life and have done competitive swimming before. also, i’ve been a girl scout all my life and have worked with multiple non profit organizations to help make the community a better place. i’ve worked to feed the homeless and use my chinese to do community service and also play the piano. i’ve played the piano since i was 5 and love itttt!!! do you think i’d have a chance with something like this? i’m really trying to improve my grades and do well on the sat and i know they look for improvement.

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  • Pearl
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    11 months ago
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    i dont see why not, just try it and see and then you'll know

  • 11 months ago

    You have no chance. Don't waste your money applying. Even with 4.0 GPA and 1500 SAT scores, and a lot more, your chances of acceptnce are less than 10%.

  • drip
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    11 months ago

    Stanford looks for students who are out standing. Who have done something unique. Who have won awards. Who have leadership positions in what they do.

    Your extra activities are not outstanding or unique.

    Stanford had about 49,000 applications with about 2,057 applicants accepted this year. Application fee is $90.

    Make sure you apply to other universities you have a much better chance of getting into

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