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poor running time after break?

Hi, I am fairly new to running. I usually run on the treadmills because I feel I can track my progression easier,. I have recently been able to run 5km in 27 minutes, my best so far. I have had 2 weeks off as I was moving back to uni, today I managed 5km in 37 minutes as I felt I had to slow down because I couldn't keep up the usual pace. I usually have the incline on the treadmill at level 1 so it's not as hard on my knees, whether the treadmills at the new gym has more of an incline I do not know. Just wondering if anyone has had a drop off like this after a bit of a break? Thanks for reading

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    That's not odd at all, and time off may be just one factor that affected it. As Jogger said, anything longer than 1 week off, you should expect a decline in performance and for it to take more time to get back to your previous ability level than the amount of time you took off (but you'll still get back to your previous ability much faster than it took you to get there initially).

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    There will naturally be variation in your times. That could be part of it.

    But, two weeks off is a significant amount of time off. That could explain your 10 minute difference.

    Here is a runner's rule of thumb:  If you take X amount of time off, where  1 week <= X <= 4 weeks, when you resume, the time it will take to return to your previous level of conditioning will be 2X.

    So, it could be another 4 weeks before you can consistently run a 5K in 27 minutes.

    If you take less than a week off, you will lose little conditioning. If you take more than 4 weeks off, you will lose most of your conditioning.

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    Yes, I have had slow days after a break. The good news is that if you're in pretty good shape, you probably have a decent base and your running will return to normal very quickly.

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