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Kyle asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 10 months ago

Marvel fans - are you going to pick up The Infinity Saga Box Set?

Kevin Feige announced this week the plan to release a box set, assuming with all 23 films from Iron Man to Far from Home, assuming on blu-ray and 4k.

But, they will also release something called "The Vault". Which are deleted scenes and other material never before seen anywhere outside of Marvel that will come with the collection.

I may get it, especially if it releases before the holiday season, depending on the price, format, and other special features. It will just be nice to have all 23 films presumably in one package. Especially if all the films come with digital HD downloads or streaming options too like on movies anywhere. As i'm still missing a good portion of digital copies.

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  • 10 months ago
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    like many, I already own most of the I was indeed very into the series.....

    (and rarely go to the theater anymore and just wait for the DVDS. )

    and bonus discs.........while mildly interesting......rarely contain anything that really WOWS you....and often contain incredibly boring features, like directors talk over of the entire film.

    like who wants to listen to some idiot talk thru the entire film about how hard this shot was to get......and how he decided to go with the long angle here because............blah blah blah.....................borrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnggggg.

    • Kyle
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      10 months agoReport

      i also rarely go to the movies. maybe once a year if that. getting them on blu ray when they release or just wait for a sale as they'll be cheaper than a movie ticket usually anyway

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  • art
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    10 months ago

    if I didn't have any of the movies then I would consider buying it, but I already own a copy of most of the marvel movies, so I wouldn't consider buying the collection all over again just to get an "extra" disc or two containing unneeded scenes - thats what you call a ripoff

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