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Need help choosing a dog breed please. my shortlist is: Cairn Terrier Norfolk/Norwich terrier Scottish terrier whippet?

I am elderly-ish, at home every day , not

very active have access to a car, plus lots of family members visit, so excercise is not a problem. I am an experienced dog owner. Have been without a dog for 2 years now . would like another but am undecided which breed to choose. . Live in a house with a small back garden. Any suggestions what breed will suit me?


Thank you for your answers! I have decided to go for a whippet from a Rescue centre.

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    Go to an animal rescue league. They will help you find just the right dog for you and your lifestyle. It is their goal to make a good match.

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    Personally I think as we get older it is difficult to deal with a puppy unless you are really committed to the training and are still active. I think this is a time when we can go to a local shelter and get out an older dog that doesn't take a lot of looking after. I do this myself although only Rottweilers and find it very rewarding. Every dog I've taken in over the last 6 yrs has been over 9 yrs old.

    If you go this route then I don't think the breed you choose is as important as the temperament of the dog whether cross or pedigree. In getting an older dog, what you see is what you get.

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    Do you want to switch to another breed - if you already had one, you should know a thing or two about that breed, going forward. I would just say terriers are quite different to sighthounds. If you are active, I'd suggest a terrier breed might be better for you. Yes Whippets need exercise, but basically as long as they have the chance for a good blast every day, they don't need much more than a comfortable sofa or chair to snuggle in. You do need to be able to let them off in a fully contained area, or they'll be off.

    One of the terrier breeds might suit your life-style better. And a Shelter, or Breed Rescue should be considered unless you prefer to have a puppy and a clean slate.

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    sighthounds are a great gentle and friendly dogs. So are spaniels.

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    Bassist or be able.they tend to mellow out over time and get really people and are not aggressive ever.this is an exciting time for you.good luck.

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    Why does it have to be a breed? Pedigreed dogs are very expensive. As a senior I also doubt you want to deal with housebreaking a puppy. Breeders don't have adult dogs to sell and these breeds seldom every show up at shelters.

    Just go to a shelter and pick the dog that most suits the size and energy level you're looking for. And let the dog pick YOU.

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    I can't recommend a breed unless you have the money to get a well-bred dog from a reputable breeder. If you are thinking of buying from a BYBer or Puppy Mill, you might as well adopt a dog from a pound, shelter, rescue & save a life.

    You won't find a well-bred dog in any of these places, JUST the dogs that were bred by BYBers or Puppy Mills. Just go looking at some of the places around town or state. You will find your dog. As soon as your eyes meet, you'll know. & it may not be anything like you thought you wanted.

    You don't really need a puppy, they are a lot of work & being elderly-ish it may be just too much. I don't do puppies, all of my dogs have been large to extra large cause most facilities don't have the space. I usually had 5 at any one time, sometimes more but I tried to just stay with 5.

    I am elderly-ish also & my next dog will be a large to larger, short-haired, female, with a strong temperament. I have no idea where I am going to find her but I'll cross that bridge when that time comes.

    Google & get a copy of the Adoption Application to see if you qualify as being a good dog owner.

    If you do find a breed that you like, check out the breed-specific rescues. They take in that breed & their crosses. You may find what you want that way. Maybe 'small breed rescues' in your city/state.

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    I would not go for a terrier if you are not very active.

    Whippets (and greyhounds) are quite content to be house dogs and rarely bark, but they do present their ownership challenges. They are sight-trackers which means they will KILL a cat if they can catch one, and they don't have good recall (coming off-leash when called). So if you or your family wants a dog they can take to the park and throw a ball for, perhaps not such a good idea.

    You might consider a smaller mixed breed dog...maybe one that is not horribly young. I've met lots of nice smallish mixed breed dogs like 30 lb lab/beagle x. Or maybe a poodle - they are great sporting dogs, smart, affectionate, obedient (or is that too cliche for an elderly-ish person)?

    I personally think you should just start looking at available dogs and not limit yourself to a certain breed. It's like dating. You'll know when you find The One.

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