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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 9 months ago

Do I need to download antivirus on my new windows 10 laptop?

So I got a new laptop it runs on windows 10 and I don't want to get a virus on it! But doesn't windows 10 come with antivirus in it already? It's called somthing like Windows Defender Security Centre? So do I need to download a external antivirus somthing like TOTAL AV or whatever or does windows 10 come with one that is good and will prevent me from getting viruses or any of that?

3 Answers

  • Enigma
    Lv 6
    9 months ago

    Disable Windows Defender and get the free version of Avast,AVG,Avira,Panda Dome,360 Total Security,or Kaspersky. One of those with the Windows firewall and a secure browser like the Brave browser will get you on the right track.

  • 9 months ago

    Windows Defender has improved over the years. It's not perfect nor the best, but it is better than nothing at all. I personally use ESET NOD32 and it works pretty well for my systems at home.

    Just be advised that no antivirus program is 100% effective. Even some of the best AV programs will sometimes not catch a virus. Sometimes one AV will not catch a virus, but another competing program will and vice versa.

    A good AV and common sense (not clicking on random links or downloading random files) will go a long way in preventing your laptop from being infected.

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    • Anonymous
      Lv 6
      9 months agoReport

      If you install an AV Defender automatically gets disabled. Personally I'd not recommend installing anything else. Windows Defender has improved greatly in the last few years and is one of the top AVs now. The best way to prevent infections is you. Most infections are user prevented.

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  • Alex
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    It does come with one...but it's nothing I'd trust. I've seen too many people who trusted that subjected to the ransomware viruses out there.

    Check with your Internet Provider. I know that Xfinity offers a free license for Norton Security for up to 5 computers.

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