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Can anyone tell me why the used I-Phone I bought won't update?

I'm not even sure what model it is, maybe a 5, currently running 8.3. I need to update to install Instagram

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  • 11 months ago

    Well if you aren't sure what iPhone model you have, why don't you look it up? On the lower back of the phone in tiny letters, you'll see something like "Model No: AXXXX". This is the model number of the phone that you can then use to lookup what model it is. Then, knowing what model iPhone it is, you can determine what the latest version of iOS is for that phone model.

    If you want an actual answer, tell me the model number.... We're not mind readers you know...

    Apparently you don't care.....

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    11 months ago

    As of Sept. of 2019, iPhones six and lower are no longer supported for updates.

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