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What is a good way to study your area (or any) for better navigation skills?

I want to become better at navigating my area, but am a little at a loss as to where to start. I want to be able to have a consistent study schedule so that I'm able to steadily learn and memorize streets and "places of interest". Thanks!

2 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    Thank you Spock, for your reply. I see what you are saying, I should have phrased the question a little differently, though. Mostly where I want more navigation skills is not really within 20 miles of my house, but I visit a city a few hours away very frequently, but never have enough time to explore very much at all. I can get around where I live much easier. I tried about a year ago using Google maps street view to get some visual associations, but it takes much longer than I think it could. Of course you have to spend time to learn these things, but was wondering if there was an efficient and stream-lined way of doing so. Thank you again for your reply!

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  • 9 months ago

    start by drawing a map of what you already know. the act of doing the drawing forces you to remember and, for some, the physicalness of the drawing helps. then you go daily out to the edge of your map and walk/drive a bit more ... looking for street signs and landmarks to add to your map.

    and stop using Google Maps or similar when you're close by. That crutch keeps you from really learning the area

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