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Can you help me with my laptop? ?

i have a lenovo ideapad 320 with 8 gb of ram ddr4, cpu: core i7 7th gen (7500U) 2.9ghz 4M Cache, with a radeon 530 4gb ddr4 dedicated, Are they sufficient to play kodern games and work on adobe premiere? 

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    the specs that you have just described should be sufficient to play most of the modern games if you have any doubts as to if it can play it go to the can I run this game site it'll do a check on your computer and tell you if it can play the game. but what you have described there should run Adobe premiere just fine and it should play most games just fine I also want to point out that if it has 8 gigs of ram in it right now you can increase its performance by adding eight more gigs which I'm sure it will support and changing that hard drive over to a solid state hard drive. If it doesn't already have one

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