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Why do people seem less grounded and unsentimental than years ago?

Nobody seems to want to have material possessions any more. When their parents pass away, they just trash everything and don't keep anything. They move frequently. I live next door to a 4-unit apartment building and nobody has ever stayed there over 9 months. No one buys a house or lays down "roots" in a community.

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  • Will
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    9 months ago
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    For me personally I don't want to inherit anything unless it is actually something I want or will cherish. If it's just an old armoire I don't want it because it's old, made of wood, and as wood ages it become brittle and will fall apart. Why inherit something that is on the verge of breaking due to age. If it were my grandfather's WWII uniform, I would hold on to that with pride.

    In regards to moving homes frequently, I have no answer. I would never home hop. I haven't purchased my first house yet because I am waiting until I find a job that I will keep for the long run. That is when I will buy a house and live within a reasonable distance from my job.

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  • 9 months ago

    If you are going to move around a lot, it makes sense to travel light. Who wants to lug heavy furniture every time you move, especially upstairs and no elevator. There are plenty of headaches with owning your own place and if you get bad neighbors, could be difficult to sell. Renting minimizes all troubles and if you like change, provides a benefit. Where bad tenants and landlords don't have you trapped where you can wait out your lease or break it if you are really in a hurry.

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  • Yes it is very good

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