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Did my hairstylist do a good job?

I am Hispanic and I have super dark hair. I just recently dyed it lighter blonde. I don’t particularly like the fact that when I stare in the mirror my dark hair is underneath and makes it look cheap. I have been going to my hair stylist since I was in 9th grade and I’m a sophomore in college now. She’s experienced no doubt. But like, is this a typical hair dresser thing to do? Leave it dark underneath, I should mention that I asked for a full color. I paid $120. For all you hairstylist and hairdressers out there - is this normal practice? Should I get it redone somewhere else.

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    I don't think so. If you wanted full color then she shouldn't have left it darker underneath.

    When I get my hair bleached and toned it's even all over.

    Usually you have to use bleach to lighten your hair, not dye.

    If you're not happy with your hair, let the manager know about it and get it fixed. They will usually do a color correction for free if you go back. Maybe it's time to find a new stylist after this.

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    I recommend going back to her, and seeing if she fix your hair as you would prefer it.

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