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Days of Our Lives: Can someone catch me up on what has happened in the past 2 months?

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  • 9 months ago
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    hmmm lets see Gabi and Stefan are together...Vivian is alive thanks to the Dr. she shot Kate and surprise surprise buries her alive... she digs herself up and manages to get to the in a coma. Kristen Diemara posed herself as Nicole with a human like face mask...Brady slept with her thinking it was Nicole, she pushed Eric away...blaming for holly's death including Maggie and Chloe as well. She finally got outed, but not before Eric and Sarah sleep with each she may be pregnant with his child. Gabi has also walked away from Eli's grandmother while she was having a heart attack, thinking she was faking it, cause shes done it before. now she needs a heart transplant, but because her age its not recommended. Sonny and Will are together, and he has his memory fully back...Ted was shot my Andrea or Tony i forget whose is who with that who ever Anna was involved with...he is alive thanks to the serum as well. Don't think Ted will be back at all. Chloe is gone she left the well as Chad and Abigail. Kristen got off scott free...oh Jack is Mayor and hired Eve as commissioner, but fired her after she destroyed the serum to restore his memory...Eli is now the commissioner.

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      Thank you so much.

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