How to crack Enigma?

My boyfriend and his brother text each other and leave each other notes written in gibberish. stuff like "Hgay gatp laiv" that's not actually what it was.

they broke it in WWI right? is there a site I can out the code in and get the unencrypted message?

my boyfriend and his brother are 33 and 43 btw. so their not kids

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  • 10 months ago

    Grow up, child.

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  • Who
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    10 months ago

    technically enigma was never "broken" - the germans used sloppy procedures that allowed messages to be decoded

    If they had used "good "procedures they would never have been decoded (with the equipment available then)

    today however it would not be too difficult to "crack" it using a "brute force" approach

    having a few computers available it could be done quicker

    a super computer - a couple of seconds at most

    (several years ago I wrote some code to create a message as the enigma machine would

    then another code to decrypt it - not too difficult

    But once I knew what was needed to decrypt I deleted it cos I no longer needed it as I only did it to see how difficulty it would be today to decrypt enigma - it wouldnt )

    (and by the way

    Bill Tutte had a far more difficult challenge with the Tunny code, which he broke with the aid of an actual electronic computer Tommy Flowers built

    The machine Turing built was electromechanical and not a "computer"

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  • Steven
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    10 months ago

    Enigma a encryption device. General hacker cannot Break this.

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  • 10 months ago

    Hi. It actually sounds like they're using something that's not a rapidly-changing encodeing format.

    Unless they're actually intelligent enough to translate full txt msgs "on-the-fly" I'd say they were using a downloaded app or they were sending the msgs through a server that encodes them.

    Otherwise this is a simple code from their childhoods.


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  • 10 months ago

    Enigma was broken in England during WW2. Alan Turing was fundamental in this , which was broken by his newly invented computer. The code changed every day, but according to the MOVIES about this, the breakthrough was when the staff realised that every message would end with "Heil Hitler". Deduction and algorithms helped solve the rest. Many of the decoders were classical musicians, like Elgar. But this code is not something 2 guys can do daily - unless this is ALL they do.

    • They have an enigma app on their phone. I know how engine works. The app is pretty neat. You put in the ring and ground settings plugboard, etc.

      So is there a way I can break it without knowing anything they're saying?

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  • Enigma
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    10 months ago

    You can try but I'll crack you right back.....

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  • It’s all about finding similarities in other messages to create the cipher. The cipher is what you want, without knowing this then you have next to no luck.

    If you have access many of these codes then you can start to figure out what certain letters might mean. Start with small groups such as letters on their own might be “a” or “i” that’s assuming they’re not using “u” instead of “you” small groups of 2 letters can equal words such as “as” “we” “on” etc, it’s all about trial and error.

    Without knowing more about these codes, it’s hard to say how easy it will be to crack. You could be looking at spending months trying to crack this and then eventually give up

    Just a thought, you have access to these messages. Do you have access to browsing history? Or noticed a book nearby or something with words? You’ll often find the cipher is something close by unless he’s memorised the entire thing

    Also is your boyfriend cleaver enough to change this cipher frequently?

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    • but if you type the word "you" in the machine, the encrypted code spits out something different every time. "you" becomes "iaz" the first time and could become "uqq" the second.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Sounds like you have a lot of trust issues in your relationship. Talk to him about it, if he won’t tell you then there are big problems in your relationship.

    Snooping around and trying to crack an encrypted code is ridiculous.

    • I'm more interested in how the code works. If you're not going to comment about the question, then keep quiet please.

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